Best water park and resort in Nagpur.


Best water park and resort.

Best water park and resort in Nagpur. Nature pride waterpark and resort are best for trekking, adventure, water parks, zip line, and live cottages. There is a very peaceful place there as soon as he goes inside, the view inside is lovely, and there are trees and forests everywhere. There is a resort in the middle of the jungle, peace and cool cold wind blowing everywhere. You go there and come and have a lot of fun, it feels so good. 



I have had a very good experience; I enjoy trekking a lot. When going trekking, a full t-shirt, lower and shoes are very important. That his team fully supports us, there is no problem. Some members of the team live in front of us and some behind. As soon as the trekking starts, he gives instructions that everyone should cry together.

Best water park and resort in Nagpur.

There is no doubt that trekking can be a very dangerous moment for each of us. As soon as you enter the forest, it feels so calm and good, with cold air, and fresh oxygen. All while having fun while moving ahead while enjoying the jungle while tampering with the roots. Moving forward slowly, we were moving forward from the middle of the clock, staggering over the stones. As we kept moving forward, slowly our eyes rose and we saw a very beautiful waterfall.

We all went out to wipe it till the day the water was coming down. We set out to reach there, the team member said that if you want to go up, you have to come on the side of the waterfall. We all have decided to stay near the waterfall. 

There were 3 stages to reach the top of the waterfall. 

When we came to the first stage, we saw that we had to go over the stones, and from that, it seemed that the water of the spring was coming. Everyone climbed up slowly, struggling and helping each other, the team and all the people came up with great difficulty, but we did it at the first stage.

Now it was the turn of the second stage, which was a bit critical because it seemed that we would not be able to do it. But by doing at the first stop, our confidence had increased. While pulling up and falling while giving each other a hand, we all reached the top and crossed the second stage as well. We are all very happy and having fun going upstairs.

Best water park and resort in Nagpur.

Now it was the turn of the third stage to go only over the big stones, but it was very slippery, we could see our destination completely in front of us. So, we left for our destination and walked on the stone, a lot of people gathered, but we had a passion for our destination. And finally, we reached the waterfall, capturing all those moments on our mobile.

Some members of the team and I stood together under the waterfall, the water coming from above looked like it was sitting under it. Stayed there for some time and just set out to come back in the evening, even though the sun was hiding behind the hills. We felt such a wonderful view that this evening would never fall anymore, and this time should stop here. It was evening and we all came back and brought that moment with that memory.


2. FOOD.

The food is very tasty, and the best taste is like home. Tea is available from time to time, breakfast on time, lunch and dinner at the equal time, there is no problem. If everyone sits together and eats food, then it is fun differently, the food is good. 



There is a lot of fun in the zip line, when we tie the support seam, it seems a little tight, but it stays for its own safety. At first, the mind gets nervous for a while, then nothing is just fun. In the last, he stays for brake he feels a little jerk clearly then lands better.



In the Riffle shooting, the gun was never caught separately, the team member told the whole thing about Riffle and caught it like this. And drive like this, the targets of all the people are equal, not even bad



Everyone enjoys the water, all the people came after doing all the activities, and goto to relax well in the swimming pool. All the people were enjoying the swimming pool with great fun. All the people were having great fun while having a great time.



The living arrangement there was very good t we all stayed together. There is also a chance that you will come with your family. All the people having fun at night, and the fun went on till late at night. It is very good to make arrangements for living, you will not have any problem, even if you need something, others bring it to you.


7. Rope course.

It is a lot of fun to do this activity, the team there sends us to do the activity with complete safety and nothing, but the support system is there. As soon as we start the activity, there is a strange fear in the mind, but slowly as we move forward, new activities come and it is fun to do, in the last when we reach, we feel that we have done our destination has been reached.


That place is very nice, you must come there and enjoy it a lot, and have a lot of fun. You will get all the facilities, no problem will come, all the support will also be available. That team members will provide you with full facilities. Best water park and resort in Nagpur.